Rickenbacker 1985 360/12 Fireglo


I’ve just finishing restoring this Rickenbacker 360/12, the best looking and playing guitar I’ve had through the store for a while!

This 360/12 has been gigged well and when I first got it in I was a bit underwhelmed but then I polished it and cleaned up all the hardware and it came to life.

To be clear it’s not mint like it was kept under someones bed and forgotten. It has signs of use but for a 30+ year old guitar it’s in excellent condition with no major issues anywhere.
I’ve photographed it very carefully to clearly show the condition.

It looks like it was hung on wall where there was regular sun or the previous owner played a lot of outdoor concerts. Or both! The yellow of the fireglo has taken on this rich golden color. But rather than looking dull or old it looks incredible, really unique.
I was pretty keen on keeping it for myself as spoils of war but turns out my daughter needs braces. How rock and roll of me….

Anyway the guitar is straight as a die and no pops or crackles in the electronics. There is two little dings on the back, you can see them in the photos. a few hard to see but totally minor scuffs on the headstock.

Sonically it is a perfect 360/12, full range of sounds and the warmth of tone that only some these guys seem to develop. Older ric’s always seem to sound a bit better in some intangible way and this is one of the best I’ve heard.

It’s currently up for sale right now on my store Jangletown on Reverb.com.


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