Guitar Photos

I really like guitars, I like playing them, I like fixing them, I like tweaking them and I love photographing them. I started a store on reverb a few years back and it’s gone really well and I learnt quickly that selling high value guitars online is based on good communications, complete honesty, a solid knowledge and the best documentary style photos you can do. So photographing guitars and gear became a big part of the process. I gone beyond that and into painting some of the guitars as well.

I thought I would start sharing some of the more expressive photos and paintings that don’t necessarily show the guitar in the way a prospective buyer would but steps into the more fine art or abstract approach.

I’ve been specializing in Rickenbackers mostly so there will be a lot of Ric’s here but I do sell some other brands and some of my personal guitars make into the mix as well.

Giving a shout out to Macphun, makers of a range of the Creative Kit, software tools that help make your photographs sing and fix any issue you face (photographically speaking of course)!! Pretty much all my images get a little love from Macphun products depending on what I am going for.

Check them out here: Macphun

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