mid 1800’s naturalist’s engravings

I was able to find a treasure trove of mid 19th century engravings, beautiful work and many of the original sketches and studies must have been done under the harshest of conditions – although I’ve read that often these were done by people back in Blighty or Europe from written descriptions only!!

I found lots of Australian and Asian animals (yes that’s a real tassie devil in the header!) cataloged which of course being originally a Sydney northern beaches lad, was quite exciting. Some of these images would have been the first time that anyone on the continent had seen┬áthe exotic fauna of the antipodes. It was like the BuzzFeed and listicles of it’s day I imagine.

I’ve started preparing scans to be turned into posters and t-shirts etc as I love the ability to share this stuff on more than one format. I’ve done a few already but hope to get a whole bunch up there.

If you are interested, have a look at my store on Zazzle



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