Baseball Card Painting Series


So I happen to have a bunch of old but mint Baseball cards hanging around, legacy of an ebay purchase for my daughter, she wanted old comic books and Pokemon cards and I bought a package that also included a bunch of the BB cards.

I’m always looking for something funky to work on, so I got them out and started working on a couple and was really happy with the result so I’m going to do a bunch of them and make them available for purchase as posters, T-Shirts and maybe some other stuff if the interest is there.

I love taking pop culture stuff like this and putting a little spin on it. I’m really stuck on that 1950/60’s fake impressionist impasto style at present. Love the way it looks.


these cards instantly produce a really warm nostalgic feeling in me, lots of great memories from my childhood from what seemed like a more innocent time. Let me know if you are interested in these and if you send me a scan of a favorite card I can paint that too. It needs to be fairly high rez as I need to project them pretty large to get them to come out right.

My first attempt was Ozzie Smith and it was solid, I’ve tried a range of other ones but some of them just don’t lend themselves to it. I have also discovered this amazing world of blogs dedicated to BB cards. I’m working on Mookie Smith, Sandy Koufax and Don Mossi right now. The older horizontal cards seem to work well.

Here are some excellent funky BB card blogs to explore. These guys know and love their cards:

There was some crazy looking facial hairstyles back in the day and some truly unusual looking guys. Don Mossi for one – those ears!! Check some these guys out:


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